Extra 1 liter Drinking Water Jar


1 liter (1 quart) Drinking Water Bubbler.
They use 89-400 thread   A customer (who melted his bottle in the dishwasher) found bottles here:
In fact… Having extra bottles is good, because you can store lye solution in them between maintenance rinses.  Just MARK that the solution in them is lye so that someone doesn’t accidentally drink lye solution.

The Drinking Water jar assembly is pricy mostly because we are using stainless steel bubbling stones and it’s a lot of labor to put the fittings on correctly.

It’s nice to have a spare Drinking Water Bubbler, because the fittings can get broken; though (in theory) the fittings can be replaced by buying the Drinking Water jar lid Kit.

You can also buy a spare lid with the fittings already attached:

There have been some variations as we’ve learned to make it better.  The product received may not exactly match the picture.  See more important information below



For those that want a Drinking Water jar HOLDER, a customer found one HERE

 that the ‘push-on’ hoses we now use are normal ’standard in the industry’ oxygen hoses and fittings.  They CAN be pushed on ’too far’ making them difficult to remove.
It’s helpful to just push the hoses on ONLY enough to seal AND when removing them to ‘pinch’ the hose connector above the fitting, to ‘open up’ the connector for release.
Do not PULL or twist the connector off the fitting, pulling just makes the connector clamp on harder.  Better to PUSH the connector off.  Push from the bottom while pinching at the top.
For those people that want a different solution, to make it even easier to connect various options to the Drinking Water Jar lid, without the chance of damage….
Here is another option:  Put a short hose permanently on the lid and then put a male:male connector on the end of the hose.
A further modification that would make both hoses easy to connect without KINKING, is to put a 3/16″ (5mm) plastic 90 degree elbow on the Drinking Water jar fittings, using a short piece of 3/16″ ID vinyl hose (pick up in hardware store).
Then you can just connect anything you want to the end of the hose without disturbing the Drinking Water Jar.


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