AquaCure AC50 Complete Kit




The AquaCures can generate up to 50 liters per hour (lph) of special mixture of hydrogen and oxygen gases.
This is about 833 mL/m of 66% hydrogen and 33% oxygen

The AquaCure draws about 250 watts and comes in 120 VAC  North America, Canada and Japan are 120 VAC,

AquaCure is designed to operate continuously without over-heating.  Some electrolyzers ‘out there’ can only operate for a short time (often less than an hour) without having to be shut off to cool down.  The AquaCure is designed to operate 24/7/365 and doesn’t even need to be shut off when refilling with water.  This is very handy in applications that need continuous operation.

The AquaCure keeps it’s operating temperature below 39°C to reduce lye loss (from moisture in the gas) and to increase electrolyzer lifespan.

AquaCure has a low water level switch to automatically shut off the machine if the liquid level gets low.

Running ANY electrolyzer out of water can cause electrode degradation, internal over-heating and explosions that could lead to damage and harm.
Most electrolyzer manufacturers don’t mention this issue because they do NOT have low liquid level shutoff.
They depend on you to visually check the liquid level frequently to prevent damage to the machine.

AquaCure shuts off the gas production when liquid level gets low, so no danger condition can exist.  AquaCure also has a low level alarm and indicator light, so there is no question when the liquid is low.

Liquid level control is REQUIRED in applications where the electrolyzer is going to operate unattended for long periods of time; for examples:

  • When needing to be run all night.
  • Using HydrOxy to continuously bubble water for hydroponics / aquaponics.
  • Automatically feeding HydrOxy to a furnace for combustion enhancement.
  • Creating ‘NEW WATER’.  New Water is water that’s had its memory entirely erased and the things that you can do with it (like programming for health and transmutation) are astounding!

We’ve also added a VERY CONVENIENT yellow ‘refill’ indicator light. that tells you when to refill (without alarms and shutoff).  This helps keep the liquid level in the recommended 3/4 full to full range.

The AquaCure Model AC50 has a high water level switch to automatically shut off the machine if the liquid level gets high.

If electrolyzers get over-filled they can spit lye out into your gas .  Also the high level sensor allows for future upgrade to automatic water fill.

Over-filling can be caused by a failed anti-backfill system (check valves fail), so the high liquid level shutoff is also an important backup safety feature.

AquaCure is built to CE safety standards, which I’ve then UPGRADED to pass CSA/UL and Australian safety standards.
Some manufacturers try to bypass this (expensive) certification by claiming that all components used are safety certified and while this is good (if true and includes the electrolyzer chamber too), it does NOT mean that the MACHINE as a whole is built to safety standards.

There’s no USA law that states any machine needs to be safety certified to be sold, but many business insurance plans require ALL equipment used in a building be safety certified.
If there is a fire, etc. and there is a SINGLE piece of uncertified equipment in the building (even a light switch that did not cause the fire), their insurance becomes invalid, even if they had properly kept up their payments.

Due to (present) manufacturing development and market studies, shipped product may look slightly different from depicted.

SKU ER1-D1-0010,
26 lbs (shipping weight), 18″Lx16″Wx14″H (shipping box size),
The AquaCure itself is about 12 inches high (excluding the 10 inch Tower Cap), 12 inches long and 9 inches wide and weighs about 16 lbs in operation.


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